Inverter and electric control panels

  • Power supply 3~50/60 Hz 400V ±10%;
  • Transformer 24 Vac for auxiliary circuit;
  • Auxiliaries contacts and circuits in low voltage;
  • Blue lED indicating mains supply;
  • Auxiliaries and motor protection fuses;
  • Main switch interlocking door;
  • Enclosure in ABS up to 11KW, metallic box from 15KW, IP55;
  • Ambient temperature: -5/+40 °C;
  • Relative humidity 50% at 40 °C (not condensed);
  • Normally open contact for start;
  • Normally open contact for minimum level/ pressure contact;
  • Selector for Auto-Off-Manual (stable) operation:

– Manual: direct operation without controls;

– Automatic: operation controlled by min input and start input;

  • Green led indicating motor running;
  • Red led indicating motor overload;
  • Line, star and delta contactors in AC3;
  • Overload thermal relay internally restorable;
  • Adjustable star/delta timer;
  • Voltmeter;
  • Ammeter;
  • Phase failure sequence control;
  • Level relay for probes.