the company

SIX TEAM is a company founded in 2000 that designs, produces, and manufactures self-priming and centrifugal pumps for water, which are used in domestic, industrial, and agriculture, having a range starting from 3 up to 200 m3 / h.


We consider human resources as our most valuable asset because we strongly believe that only in the minds of our technicians and with the hand of our employees can be created reliable and safe pumps, able to solve the problem of efficient distribution of water: this is why our staff is carefully chosen, continuously updated and equipped with advanced design tools and testing devices.


The production in SIX TEAM runs on three tracks, which are conception, design, and assembly: the latter phase takes place exclusively in our factories located in Torreglia (PD), while the supply of raw materials and semi-finished products comes from a selected network of domestic suppliers. Looking at the extremely positive sales results and the satisfaction of our customers, we strongly believe that the achievement of quality is the only walkable way in a market crowded with low-price, unreliable and uncertain origin products.


The quality standards that we pursue in the production processes are the core principles of our company’s success. Paying big attention in all the stages of the production is a serious commitment to our customers: we believe that the effort carried out in our work not only generates value for us but also (and especially) for our customers.
That’s why SIX TEAM will continue to be a reference company in this field, capable of producing technological jewels created to meet the needs of the world market.