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Six Team Partner in Egypt

This is the amazing showroom of one of our partner in Egypt


01/08/2020 SUMMER 2020
18/05/2020 NOTA
08/05/2020 A BETTER RETURN
24/03/2020 PIT STOP - Codiv19
26/03/20 - 05/04/20
16/12/2019 Closing Time 2019
September 2019
El Mariam Company
01/06/2018 New motor case
We have made a qualitative improvement to some of our products with the new motor case.
By the fifteenth September 2018, companies certified on the standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 have to adapt their certification to...
new product “STILP”
18/05/2016 STVX range update
We are proud to inform you about the renewal of our catalog in 2016 and the introduction of new products...
All the parts are already pre-assembled and the AQUA SOLIS3 contains all detailed, illustrated instructions to guide the installer through...