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New arrival on HVAC pump segment

New arrival on HVAC pumps segment 


In-Line Pumps STILP series have been developed for heavy duty application, where the extreme performance must be balanced with the durability of the pump.

After a deep and qualified technical analysis of the most common applications for this kind of pumps, our R&D department in cooperation with our technicians and a group of highly qualified suppliers has developed our In-Line Pumps “STILP”.

For this kind of pumps, we are using high grade of Cast Iron components, all the parts in touch with water have the Electrophoresis treatment (Tiselius process) to ensure deep protection against corrosion, Motor is IE3 efficiency standard, Shaft and Impeller are dynamically balanced, and mechanical seals and motor bearings are oversized to guarantee longer life to the pump.

This new pump line, after a one-year test in our laboratory and after a pre-series one, is now ready to be distributed into the markets where we are present.

We are truly proud of the job conducted by our staff that has consigned to us another successful pump that will be shortly recognized on the market as a superior product the consumer might relay on! 

Project Circular Economy:

In case of deep damag of these pumps, the recycling percentage of the components will 98%

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